Healthy lifestyle practices for pregnant women

  • Hygiene and tidiness of body and mind should be maintained diligently by pregnant women. Ensure that you brush your teeth, gargle your mouth and massage your gums twice everyday. It is mandatory as it prevents transmission of oral bacteria to the growing fetus.Take bath every day. Take bath in warm water as it helps circulation and body movement to the heavy body during pregnancy.
  • Offer prayers and oblations to the spirit of your choice. It helps the mind to calm down and keeps its focus in align. This in turn reflects on the mental state of the growing fetus. Chant mantras / prayers that balance both body and mind and keeps them cool.
  • Eat balanced and sattvic foods like milk, fresh fruits and vegetables, whole cereals and legumes. It supplies the body with all essential nutrients. Consume twice or thrice more quantity than usual as the energy taken from food should suffice both the growing fetus and your body.

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